Balinese Retreat

from 2Modern Blog by (2Modern)

Dominating the Pantai Jasi coast, and set amid a coconut plantation right at the water’s edge, the property is modeled on the royal residences of the Minang people of Sumatra, and built entirely from recycled timber.  The compound and it is a compound on 6 acres, consists of an open-air living/dining pavilion and three enclosed bedroom suites—all elevated on poles and topped with soaring thatched roofs made from locally grown grass.

Interior designer and environmentalist Linda Garland created this oceanfront retreat  for film director Rob Cohen ofThe Fast and the Furious fame.  Looks like modern Balinese to me. Sloped peaked roofs met with glass walls and open sides, minimalist esthetic, open floor plan that almost reaches to the ocean.  This is for those who seek the exotic an escape with a mere 2 hour drive from the nearest airport, right on the water with the Bali’s tallest mountain as a backdrop.  .

View is included.  On a clear day you can see forever,  at least across the Bali Strait to Mount Rinjani on Lombok. And it is for sale!  I wonder how much they will charge for a house without walls.  Price upon request.  I wonder if they will they take a credit card?

Have an infinitely modern day!


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